Shades of Knowledge




Meet Our Team

Keira Boxell


Originally from Atlanta, GA, Keira Boxell settled in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in 2017 and now attends Portsmouth High School as a senior. She is dedicated to making change and supporting movements for justice, with a focus on providing her fellow young people with the opportunities they need to survive.

Jully Myrthil


Raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Jully attends Village Green Virtual Charter School as a senior. Jully is a passionate advocate committed to fostering understanding, inclusion, and justice for all. As an advocate, Jully echoes the values of Ubuntu, respect for differences, and the belief that people of all backgrounds share common values and needs. Through her advocacy and commitment, Jully Myrthil embodies the spirit of creating a more inclusive and just world.

Makayla Boxell

Chief Operating Officer

Makayla Boxell was born in Atlanta, Georgia but has lived in Portsmouth, Rhode Island since 2018. She has always been passionate about the social justice issues she saw her communities faced with, particularly those surrounding access to basic societal needs, for example education and health care. In the past few years she has taken steps to make a difference, including interning with the Rhode Island Department of Health to share knowledge about public health to other youth.